I would like to thank you and your staff for creating such an outstanding Auction Accounting program. Auction Flex is bar none, the best designed, best supported and best running Auction Accounting solution in the marketplace. You stay on an aggressive update cycle, always improving, always looking and listening for ways they can improve the performance and feature set of their product. Your support mechanism is world-class, enabling you to offer real-time (almost in-person) support via the internet. Your support staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and generally fix any issue we may have the first time. Your product, now in generation Seven, is nearly bulletproof. It has been through the fire and we know we won't be hampered by ill-thought out ideas and or bugs. We were one of the first companies to install Auction Flex in the Mac environment using VM Fusion. Your Auction Flex support staff have been very supportive in this and helped us at every turn. Not only is Auction Flex a full featured Auction Day Accounting package, but it also has a wonderful Online Only Auction engine and Multi-Parcel Auction software as well. We appreciate having the Auction Flex team as a part of our team and look forward to working with you in the future to continue the betterment of your product.

Scott Musser Musser Bros.

A few thoughts on auction software. I have used Linux based systems, DOS systems and Windows based systems. When we started our current business we were using but switched to Auction Flex about a year later because we wanted a simpler, more flexible Windows interface.  We have fifteen computers running Auction Flex on our network. During an auction the auctioneer works from his own computer, the clerk from another, three cashiers all work from separate computers and another person handles the Ebay Live Auction bidders on another computer. Between auctions we might have six or seven people cataloging on separate computers at the same time. We have never had a software problem with AuctionFlex during an auction.  Our auctions are also conducted live online through LiveAuctioneers and EbayLiveAuctions. Auction Flex makes this process extremely simple by working closely with LiveAuctioneers, so that the process of uploading an auction is a seamless operation that does not require the auction company to get involved with the special requirements of these online companies. In addition Auction Flex makes the process of posting your auction catalog online and accepting absentee bids a one click process, and even hosts the images and catalog on their server and integrates the look and feel with the design of your existing web site.  However, probably the best aspect of Auction Flex is the people who run the company. They are always available and always ready to listen to suggestions for new features or improvements. And the amazing thing is they actually do listen and follow through. Many suggestions we have made have been incorporated into the program and I know others who have had the same experience. Plus, you are not constantly charged extra fees for this service and you can rent the software for a very reasonable monthly fee and receive free upgrades.  In short we like Auction Flex very much and have been very happy with the software and the people behind it.

Jerry Holley
V.P., Auctioneer
Dallas Auction Gallery

Auction Flex is the 3rd auction software company I have used over the past few years. I have to admit, I’m no expert since I’m usually in front of the crowd and not in the office. However, my whole team has found your software easy to use and very versatile. The more we use it, the more we find features we like.

More importantly, your customer service has been the “Best In Class” for us. Regardless of the issue, whoever answers the phone helps us. Completely. The first time, and without transferring 30 times to some “techie” hiding in a hole. You know the product. You know how to help people understand the product. More importantly, you solve problems. As our business grows, I’m sure we’ll be counting on you more and more to be our software provider of choice. When people ask me about software, I don’t hesitate to recommend Auction Flex.

Keep up the good work, and thanks.

Richard D. Schur, BAS
Chief Operations Officer

We have been using Auction Flex since last October 2010 when we opened our gallery. Auction Flex has to be THE most robust auction software I have ever seen or used. The price is affordable to even the smallest part time auctioneer up to the big mega-auction companies.

The customer service from AuctionFlex has been "over the top".

I just don't see where an auctioneer can get more bang for the buck than using Auction Flex to provide a robust back end for your auction business.

William F. Burke, CAI - AARE
The Auctionarium

I've said it before and I'll say it again here. I was a software engineer for Boeing, Lockheed Martin, McDonnell-Douglas, Paylinx and Cybersource. I wrote code in Ada, C, and C++ in the Windows NT and Unix environments for both large (and by large I me huge) government programs like the F-18 fighter, the Common Test Language System, and the Electrical Aerospace Ground System, other programs that were top secret, and e-commerce transition processing. As a person who has been around software and software testing let me say on the record that Auctionflex is without a doubt one the finest pieces of software I have ever seen.

Rob Weiman
Mound City Auctions

We are a new auction company with few staff and limited I.T. expertise. However, everywhere we searched the name of AuctionFlex came up as the defacto software to use if you were serious about auctioneering.

However, having the right software is only a part of the solution, you then need to know how to best use it and Auction Flex is a very, very comprehensive package.  This is where the user forums and particularly the support from AuctionFlex staff comes in to it's own. If you look at the forum lists you will see we have been asking questions ranging from simply "how-to's" to more complex "bits and bytes" almost everyday and you will also see, unlike lots of other support forums, that all those questions have been answered within the next working day! This level of support is, for me, what really makes this product stand out and, without which, we would have never moved forward as quickly and as productively as we have.

Ian Lowe
Auction House Algarve

We have been using Auction Flex for almost three years now. This program is very user friendly (If I can use it, anyone can). I have had numerous people ask me about Auction Flex. I can't think of anything I don't like about the program. I am not paid to endorse Auction Flex, I just believe in it. I can honestly say we are 100% satisfied.

Cindy Kaplan

 We were the first to ever use AF's Multi-parcel program for a real auction. We were in constant communication with Kris & Brandon prior to the auction, if we wanted the program to do something, they made it happen. Since then, we have used it for multi-par auctions up to 39 tracts without incident or software problems. We have three computers linked by wireless connection, it is fast, easy to use and does not fail. 

The main computer is the clerk's computer that has a dual VGA for the projection screen, then we have an auctioneer's computer so I can view the price per acre and so on and then the third computer is for the bid assistants to do "what if's" 

I would, without hesitation recommend Auction Flex for all of your auction software needs.

Brent R. Graves
2004 Texas State Champion Auctioneer

We knew immediately after opening our auction company that we wanted to use auction software.  We were nervous to make an investment in software being a brand new company. We spent weeks investigating all the options out there to make sure that we found the software that we were 100% comfortable with.  Auction Flex was very attractive to us. We really liked the "trail-printer," that prints a hard copy of each auction lot during the course of the auction in case of computer failure, power outage, etc.  We were also very impressed with how user friendly the program was along with all the many other features that really set this software apart from the other programs on the market.  Auction flex offered us a free 30 day trial AND a rental plan...this told me that the company was willing to stand behind their product!  After renting the software for just one month, we knew that it was right for us.  The investment we have made in purchasing the software paid for itself immediately in the time that we have saved!  Our technology has impressed our customers and consigners and they are referring us to everyone they know!  Brandon and Kris are extremely helpful and VERY friendly; the assistance and support they have provided goes well beyond the call of duty!  Every time we use Auction Flex we discover another feature we can't seem to live without!  Thanks for offering an affordable, all-inclusive software solution for our company.  We couldn't afford not to have our Auction Flex!

Jade & Jennifer Montrie
Montrie Auction Service

 I have an unequivocal vote of confidence in Brandon and Kris at Auction Flex:
Anytime anyone in our office calls with a suggestion, it gets added to the program or customized for us.
We are treated as if we were their only customer each time we are on the phone, or website, or send an email. In fact, I was shocked recently to find out how large their service is, since my experience has always been so personal from them.
There are more reports and options available on the program than most Houses would ever use, yet the options are not burdensome when you want to "keep it simple."
They care about my whole business, not just the software. Last fall when our website went AWOL due to outside server, and our in house "computer guy" was on vacation, Brandon spent an enormous amount of time setting up a new website and teaching me how to manage it just so I could get an important auction on the WWW on time.
They speak to me as an intelligent human being even though I don't speak "computer" well. They make sure they talk to me in a language I can understand without talking down to me in the process. I have NEVER been so impressed with computer people as I have been with these guys.
I am a fairly new Auctioneer, but a lifetime professional customer service provider and I will tell you that the only thing better than their product is their Customer Service. In my world, that's really all that matters when you get down to it.

Patricia Doyle Associates

 Our entire staff loves the new software and as the chief cook and bottle washer it saves me the most. It is professional, easy to learn and powerful. Our customers used to rave about the “old” system since most of our competitors were not using computers at all. Your system is light years ahead of what we had so now our customers love to talk about how “high tech” and progressive we are. The auctioneers screen on my podium helps me sell faster because I can enter the lot number and know what is in the box lot without having to dig through it when it arrives. It also makes me appear more knowledgeable since the extended descriptions provide me with additional information that I would never remember in the heat of the sale. The only reason I hesitate to talk the system up even more is my competitors might wise up and start looking as good as we do!!! Right now using your software we kick their butts.

Carl Brechlin
Nest Egg Auctions LLC

I want to thank you for all of your patience and support. Your program is good, but with the extra hand holding you give to get us going makes the whole experience great. Thank you very much. 

Lyle Bond
TNT Auction & Appraisals

We have only started using Auction Flex here at Philip Weiss Auctions in New York, but it has been a wonderful experience. We were using a dos based program for many years, and while it did what we wanted to, it was very limited and cumbersome to use. We knew we wanted a windows based program but not all of them suited our needs, we are a collectibles auction house with sales here in our gallery, and many of the programs seem designed for Auto, Real Estate, or on-site sales. I found the Auction Flex link on the NAA web-site and liked the way the demo/tour was put together, it sounded great. After asking 1001 questions, the staff at Auction Flex was just so helpful and patient, we had to get this program. The sales are put together so much quicker, our website is updated with the click of a button, and we may start using the absentee bid option through our website that they can provide. Overall we are very satisfied with Auction Flex and the more we learn about all the features it has, the more we like it!
This program is highly recommended.

Philip Weiss
Philip Weiss Auctions

 Auction Flex software was a lifesaver! Your technical support - which is most important - is SUPERB! We could not ask for a better team to work with and we appreciate all you do.
Our first year is almost complete and Auction Flex has run smoothly without any malfunctions, computer crashes, etc.

Regular software updates and FAST support has allowed us to learn to the program and provide our customers with the service they deserve.

We highly recommend Auction Flex for those who desire a true Windows (not a DOS) application.

Olde Tyme Auction
Our Lady of Grace Church

 I want to thank you for your cooperation and help, our auction Friday evening was a total success. As you know this was a charity auction utilizing volunteer help, and with minimal training and skill they managed to perform without a hitch.

I am very impressed with the software package and would recommend it to anyone.

Frank Guarino

 I've been using your software for nearly a year and 1/2 and thought it was about time I told you what I thought of it!!

I am writing this testimonial under no duress or pressure but from pure satisfaction from my time using the Auction Flex software for auctions. Before I decided to choose auction flex I decided to research as many possibilities as possible but was disappointed with all until I discovered Auction Flex. This is purely the most comprehensive package available in the world today, I may be proven wrong but I don’t care I still won’t be moving from Auction flex because all the questions or queries I might of have during my time using Auction Flex have been answered quickly and expertly from a member of the auction flex team. 

To any existing auction house or budding auctioneer I would whole heartily endorse this product or should I say this system because this is more than just a product. The internet auction listing is excellent and blends in with my existing website, by far the best I have ever seen and far excels other auction houses websites and the ease of use is very user friendly which saves on staff training. I would just like to congratulate all the Auction Flex team.

I look forward to growing with auction flex over the coming years and in anticipation of any new additions with this program. If any body has any questions about my experience from using Auction flex I would be more than happy to answer them and can call me at any time.

John Quirke
Owner and Director
John Quirke Auctioneers and Valuers (Ireland)

 Thank you, Thank you. I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to do business with your firm. During the last several weeks, Kris & Greg have been extremely helpful in not only helping my new secretary familiarize herself with the Auction Flex program, but, they have gone above and beyond for me. We were doing a benefit auction for a fellow colleague and the organizer of the affair was, to say the least, quite emphatic on how she wanted things done and how their logos needed to appear on everything. Both Greg and Kris helped me through that, but then come Sat. night at the auction, I had real trouble and called your number, immediately, I got a call back from Kris, who by the way was out to dinner, but none the less he took time, away from dinner, to walk me through getting me back on line in order to continue with the auction.
I can not tell you how much I appreciate all the help we have experienced from Auction Flex and especially Kris & Greg. I do hope you will pass along my gratitude to both of them. I will definitely pass along to my auction arena the value of Auction Flex and it's employees.

Michael Knudsen
The Hamilton Group

We used the phone bid scheduler for the first time this past Thursday. Oh my God! Can't tell you how much time it saved us.

The scheduling exercise we used to do, the index cards we made out, and the time it took us to do it was HUGE.  Your feature took two minutes, printed out a report for each bidder and it was flawless.

We also printed out bidder numbers automatically for the first time.  Staff and buyers love it.

We should pay more attention to the features in the program. Could have saved ourselves DAYS of work in the last two years alone.

John Merowski
Leighton Galleries, Inc.

Auction Flex software has enabled our company to offer a professional online catalog to our customers which we feel greatly enhanced our auction gross. Their software is user-friendly and has everything we need to run our auction seamlessly. Their support is amazing. They are always there for every little question we come up with! Thank you Auction Flex for making our lives so much easier.

Diana Aberback
Leighton Galleries, Inc.

My compliments to you guys- you are an outstanding group of support people. I appreciate your patience and your knowledge. You answered every question and we were able to keep things rolling throughout the auction. All the good things I have heard about Auction Flex from other auctioneers appears to be true. Our first Auction Flex auction has been completed successfully and the staff feels that this is a great system that is going to be wonderful for us, once we become comfortable with it. I have dubbed you the "No Problem" group because that is the response I received every time I called with a question today, even though most problems were related to our ignorance or mistakes. Thank you all-

Chuck Price
Jacobs and Kemper Auction and Realty

I want to thank you also for the delightful experience working with you. Our auction was successful raising close to$60,000 for disaster relief. Your software made our tasks so easy and the reports were great even during the auction,as we used the successful bidders silent auction report and put them on the tables during the live auction. Thanks again, I would recommend your code to anyone.

Warren McGuffin
San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church

 I use your Auction Flex program (Kratzer's Auction House). I just wanted to let you know that you guys do a great job. Every time we have needed help with the program, we have gotten excellent service. Everyone is so nice!! This program is well worth what we pay. I don't know of any other program that gives such great service. Keep up the good work!

Deb Kratzer

 Having completed our first auction with Auction Flex, I want to tell you how pleased we are with your program. We found it easy to use after a relatively short learning period and the forms and reports are quite useful.

By far the best feature is the online photo catalog. Your photo catalog is the most user friendly I have seen. Thanks to the online catalog I had a large crowd with many first time buyers. The catalog also brought me several new consignors.

Auction Flex's capabilities allowed us to reach a long time goal of selling in numerical order from a printed catalog with pre-sale estimates. I could not be more pleased with the ease with which this can be accomplished.

The Ant Street Gallery
Tommy and Pam Traylor

 You should be very proud of your product, as well as your staff for giving a company like mine many reasons to leave one’s comfort zone and venture off into unknown territory. For our company, being with a known software company for more than 10 years, it was not an easy or quick decision to break ranks and change software vendors. However you and your staff have made our conversion to Auction Flex enjoyable, exciting, and I might add very profitable for our company. And for that I say “Thank You”.

It has been very easy for our staff to use Auction Flex. With all of the “Windows” features now available to us through your software we are able to “point and click”, “drag and drop” as we can in any of our windows based programs. The learning curve to use Auction Flex is a very short session.

The excitement stems from our ability to offer our clients a better “on-line” website product with many new features and photographs than we have been able to in the past. With the addition of the new “hand held” unit we have been able to keep up with our on hand inventory and lot out our auction in far less time.

Financially speaking, Auction Flex has saved us hundreds of dollars each month, and yes I will say it again, hundreds of dollars each month. We no longer are paying for each “module” we use separately. Everything we need and everything we use is there in one simple to use package for one monthly price.

In closing, I could not be more pleased with Auction Flex. You and your staff have never disappointed me when I have asked questions or needed help. Also, please accept this letter as my apology to you for not changing to Auction Flex three years ago when we first met.

Hillsboro Auction Co
Rocky Strickland
President & CEO

 In 2001, we had a complicated (and expensive) custom software package written for our company. While the software was adequate, we found that the service and support we required was just too much for the software developer to handle. Then we found Auction Flex. 
After investigating several "canned" packages available to our industry, we quickly discovered that Auction Flex could do MORE than we needed it to do! I also discovered that the principal of the company (Brandon Harker) was more than willing to earn and keep our business. 
We have used the software now on simple, and complicated auctions and find it to be powerful but still user friendly. When we make suggestions regarding changes, they are taken seriously and handled professionally. But more important, we are not the only auctioneers feeding information back to Auction Flex, we benefit every time another auction company requests a change or update. 
Finally, one of the important factors in our decision to use Auction Flex was the fact that it is not a "modular" system. Unlike most of the other packages we looked at, we found that when you decide to buy this software package you get ALL of it! 
I recommend the software, and more importantly the company.

Randy L. Fridkis Auctions, LLC
Randy L. Fridkis, President

Hi! I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how awesome I think Auction Flex is, and how amazingly wonderful it's made my clerking life. :) Also, one of my very very favorite things about Auction Flex is the online chat help. It is the best feature EVER! I love how I can share my screen and watch them take over and fix whatever's wrong! LOVE THAT! Another thing, WOW, Reed. He's just incredible. He ALWAYS knows the answer and NEVER makes me feel stupid for asking the stupid questions! He's so helplful, and he has a sense of humor, and it's so nice to deal with REAL people! Real, NICE people even! Real, nice, SMART people! :) Anyway, thanks for making my life better!

Angela Austin
Austin Auctions Glasgow

I'd just like to say what a pleasure it has been to deal with your company & use your software. As mentioned, we held a fundraiser via an action for a local kid at the age of 24 who was injured whist playing football and is now a quadriplegic, with the hopes to raise some money to help him out. We came across your software & downloaded a trial version and were very pleased to see that it did everything we wanted in a very easy way and best of all, as we were only holding a once off auction, the ability to rent the software for a month was fantastic instead of having to buy it outright. We purchased our license and setup a 3 workstation network on the Saturday, tested it and got it ready for the auction on the Sunday. I was a little hesitant as I had never used your software before and the auction was going to be on the bigger scale and as you can probably imagine, if the software didn't work 100% the auction would have been in a big mess but I'm happy to say that AuctionFlex worked fantastically and we were checking people in, checking people out, filling in the items from all three workstations without any problems at all and best of all, at the end of the day, everything checked out and totalled 100%. I cant say how much Auction Flex made the whole process easy and I would recommend Auction Flex to anyone who wants to do an action with ease. We ended up having around 1000 people turn up with 350 registered bidders, 650 items for auction and raised around $150,000.00.

On a side note, we were told that an auctioneer of 60+ years has never done an auction in the past that went as smoothly as the one we did using Auction Flex so thank you so much for a great product which we were able to use efficiently with only a few days playing.

Steve Youle

If you are considering different Auction Software Solutions, I encourage you to realize that your search has ended. My name is Shawn Dostie, and I am that "Facebook Guy". I have been in many different industries, and I will tell you flat out, this company sets the benchmark on Customer Service. I am a 1st generation, small town auctioneer currently. When I apprenticed, we did everything the paper and box way. I would finish the auction, collect the money, go home, sleep, then do the settlement the next morning.With Auction Flex, as soon as the auction is over, the paperwork is ready. The transfer from clerk to cashier is instantaneous. There is a MUCH smaller line as the cashier has everything calculated and printed by the time the bidder comes to the window. In fact, it is automatic. There are no math errors. BP, if you use it, and sales tax is programmed and calculated already. I travel some and use local resources to the venue for cashiering and clerking. I can train them, as long as they can type, in about 15-30 minutes. It is that easy. Being that easy does not mean that the software is shallow. There is more in this software solution than what I will ever need. There are tons of software solutions out there, and many strong competitors. BUT.... bar none, when you need help, these guys are always there, always knowledgeable and friendly. Whether you specialize in live auction, online auction, or simulcast lie/online hybrid, this software is flexible and fantastic. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, I would give it a 15.
Yes, it is that good.

Shawn J. Dostie, Auctioneer
"The Friendly Auctioneer"

I just went to an Auction Flex training session - all I can say is WOW! I owned a custom website design firm for 10 years - so I know Internet/business technology - they have done a wonderful job with this software. In addition, the developers and staff are great people and have always competently answered questions. Give them a try.

Mark Gustafson



Our customers

We would like to thank our customers who have been gracious enough to write these testimonials. Auction Flex is built first and foremost on customer service and these testimonials attest to that fact.